Algae and new foods: opportunities and challenges is a 60-minutes webinar.
This topic is of great interest for the algae biomass community and there is a flow of questions about what is the current status and prospects for the future.

The aim is to bring the framework of Codex Alimentarius and Algae to the EFSA food safety and CEN standardization in order to increase the networking between different people working with similar target and at the same time EABA members and all the stakeholders know what is happening.


Silvio Mangini – co-organized with contributions of FAO and IPIFF

Time:  14.30 – 15.30 hrs CET

14.30 Opening by EABA

14.35 5 speakers of 10 minutes

  • Algae as new foods, EABA perspective of safety and regulatory in the framework of Novel Foods regulation, Silvio Mangini, Archimede Ricerche
  • The ecological footprint for algae comparing with other crops, Monique Ras, EABA
  • New food sources and production systems: implications for food safety, Vittorio Fattori, (ESF) FAO
  •  The opportunity of insect based new foods – Christophe Derrien, IPIFF
  •  The opportunity for fermentation-based Chlorella as new food – Mine Uran, Alver

15.25 Debate and conclusions

15.30 End of the 60-minutes webinar

Silvio Mangini – EABA Steering Board / CEN/ TC 454 ‘Algae and algae products’ / Scientific officer  

€ 98 regular
€ 70 for EABA members

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