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The European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) aims at promoting a strong link between science, technology and business in the algae biomass sector. Algae based biofuels represent an emerging field with a large potential, but where innovation is still necessary to achieve full deployment and economies of scale. Integration among biorefining and bioenergy aspects is key for the development of the algae biofuel route. It is therefore very relevant to bring together the main actors and stakeholders for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The Workshop is designed in a compact format, with a Panel-based structure.  Each Panel has a specific topic and a duration of 1 hour, with 20 minutes for the presentation of the topic and 40 minutes for discussion and conclusions. Each Panel has an invited chair, and the participants in the panel will be volunteers from the participant group. There will be sufficient time from the event where key conclusions from each Panel will be presented by a rapporteur.

Monday - 30 September 2019

20.00 Welcome dinner (registered participants only) 

During dinner: Networking and "Tour de table" with one minute presentation of each participant with several rounds

Tuesday- 1 October 2019 - Martin's Brussels EU Hotel

Workshop Chairman: Dr.Ing.David Chiaramonti,
PhD. Prof of Bioenergy Conversion Technologies and Processes. Renewable Energy COnsortium for R&D (RE-CORD). Research Center for Renewable Energies (CREAR). University of Florence

08:00 Welcome by EABA General Manager- Vitor Verdelho

08.30 Opening presentation : All about Algae based biofuels in the new EU REDII regulatory framework: David Chiaramonti

09.00 Panel #1 - Summary of results & conclusions from EC financed projects

10.00 Panel #2 - Motivations from large companies: case study evaluation

11.00 Coffee-break 

11.30 Panel #3 - Production constrains: the technology options

12.30 Networking lunch

13.30 Panel #4 - Market constrains: alternatives and comparative value

14.30 Panel #5 - Regulatory: European Commission vision

15.30 Coffee-Break

15.45 Panel #6 - New trends: algae-based biofuels in 2030

16.30 Workshop conclusions

17.00 Workshop closure


  • Identification of emerging trends 
  • Wish-list and definition of research needs
  • Regulatory needs and statement formulation
  • Wish-list for EABA actions related to biofuels

REGISTRATION FEES (All prices exclude 21% VAT)

  • EABA Member Registration (€399) Note: Must be current member in good standing 
    Contact Mrs. Isa Putman to request the reduced fee code
  • Regular Registration (€599)
  • Dinner Registration online (€30) on-site (€50)

Questions? Please contact Mrs. Isa Putman


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Martin's Brussels EU Hotel
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