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The European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) aims to promote a strong link between science, technology and business in the algae biomass sector. Fish and meat applications are very important for the algae biomass sector. It is very relevant to bring together the main stakeholders for knowledge exchange and collaboration. 


 The workshop has a compact format with one longer key-note presentation to frame the topic and many shorter presentions of 10 minutes. All participants will have the opportunity to present themself and ask questions following the workshop format. There will be minutes or a summary from the event with the key conclusions. 


JJune 30

09:30 Welcome and EABA Presentation, Why this technical webinar?
Jean-Paul Cadoret – EABA President

09:40 Opening presentation: All about Algae based Fish and Meat: Alexandra Mosch

10:10 Pitch presentation (2 min.) from each participant

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Pitch presentation part 2  (2 min.) from each participant

12:40 The regulatory Framework – the perspective from EFSA, Hans Verhagen – University of Ulster, Northern Ireland & EFSA

13:00 Lunch break: opportunity for networking, time for a walk and some food

13:45 The perspective from consumer based products
Odontella – All the benefits OF ALGAE AND MARINE MICROALGAE on your plate! – Patrick de Bossoreille
Mara Seaweed – A global brand harnessing the goodness of seaweed for food and human health
Fiona Houston
Trophic – Developing a red protein from ocean harvested seaweeds – Amanda Stiles
Kuleana – Algae based tuna – Sònia Hurtado
Viva Maris – More than algae based sausages – Claudia Busse-Uhrig
Sea-Green – From seaweed to burger – Struggles and successes in a sustainable startup Toine Wilke

15:15 Time to grab a coffee or tea, opportunity for networking in the chat

15:30 The perspective from algae based product development
Algama Foods – From algae to final product – Alvyn Severien
Algaia – Algae based ingredients for fish and meat vegetarian products – Fabien Canivet
Seamore – Making Seaweed an Everyday Food – Willem Sodderland
AlgaeMor – Commercialization of algae based meat substitutes – a perspective from inside the food industry – Baruch Dach

17:00 The perspective from the Veggie world
Beyond Investing – Vegan Trends – the view of vegan entrepreneur and impact investor – Claire Smith

17:15 Workshop conclusions

17:30 Workshop closure

Please note: times are displayed in Central European Time (CET) UTC+2.10

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Alexandra Mosch


Wish list definition of research needs
Regulatory needs statement formulation
Wish list for EABA actions related activities
Identification of emerging trends

More information

This workshop model was successfully used in 6 EABA Workshops in 2019. It is not a conference, but rather a unique opportunity for learning and sharing knowing the key players.


Workshop Chair:

Alexandra Mosch, Vice-President of EABA, Senior Executive, Growing SMEs, Strategy, Bus. Development & Finance. Algae business development expert.


Workshop coordination:

Jean-Paul Cadoret – President of EABA, CSO ALGAMA, France
Vítor Verdelho – General Manager of EABA; Council Member of the Executive Committee of ISAP – International Society for Applied Phycology; Member of the Board A4F – Algae for Future, sa, Portugal


Workshop organization and logistics:

Christie de Vrij – Building on Events –


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