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The European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) aims to promote a strong link between science, technology and business in the algae biomass sector. It is very relevant to bring together the main stakeholders for knowledge exchange and collaboration. 



The workshop has a compact format with a panel-based organization. Each panel has a specific topic and a duration of approximately 1 hour; 20 minutes for the presentation of the topic and 40 minutes for discussion and conclusions. Each panel has a reference topic and the participants in the panel will be volunteers from the participant group. All the participants will have the opportunity to present and ask questions following the workshop format. There will be minutes or summary from the event with the key conclusions for each panel. 


October 6

15.30 Dry run for speakers
16:00 Dry run for all participants

October 7

09:30 Welcome and EABA Presentation. Why this technical webinar? Jean Paul Cadoret

09:40 Opening presentation: All about Algae Biofertilizer and Biostimulants: Vince Ordog (Hungary)

10:10 Pitch presentation Who are you PART 1 (2 min+1 min Q&A) from each participant

11:00 Time to grab a coffee or tea

11:20  Pitch presentation Who are you PART 2 (2 min+1 min Q&A) from each participant

12:40 The regulatory framework for algae – – tbc

The regulatory framework DG GROW– Theodora Nikolakopoulou (Greece)

13:00 Lunch break – opportunity for networking – time for a walk and some food

13:45 Production perspective – Microalgae

– Algaenergy – – Carlos Rodriguez Villa (Spain)

– Biorizon – – Joaquin del Pozo (Spain)

– Technical, commercial and legal formulation  – – José María Gómez

Phycoterra with the Ag Director at Heliae – – tbc

15:00 Coffee/tea break – Oportunity for networking

15:30 Production perspective – Seaweed

– Olmix –

– Arramara –

– Valagro – /

– Algaia biorefinery based biostimulnts – – Frank Hennequart  (France)

16:30 The Innovations and Research

– Technologies for the production of algae extracts for biostimulants and biofertilizers – Gabriel Acien (Spain)

– The use of microalgae with biopesticide activity in Biostimulants and Biofertilizers – Francisca Suárez Estrella 

– Phytostimulant properties of microalgal and cyanobacterial extracts

– Development of algal bioreactive products for the applications in agriculture 

17:30 Workshop conclusions – Jean Paul Cadoret

17:40 Workshop closure

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Wish list definition of research needs
Regulatory needs statement formulation
Wish list for EABA actions related activities
Identification of emerging trends

More information

This workshop model was successfully used in 6 EABA Workshops in 2019. It is not a conference, but rather a unique opportunity for learning and sharing knowing the key players.


Workshop Chair:

Prof. Gabriel Acien, EABA Steering Board Member, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Almeria, Spain. Co-Chair, Prof. Liliana Rodolfi, University of Florence, Fotosintetica e Microbiologica, Florence, Italy


Workshop coordination:

Jean-Paul Cadoret – President of EABA, CSO ALGAMA, France
Vítor Verdelho – General Manager of EABA; Council Member of the Executive Committee of ISAP – International Society for Applied Phycology; Member of the Board A4F – Algae for Future, sa, Portugal


Workshop organization and logistics:

Christie de Vrij – Building on Events –

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