Standards. They are all around us. They guarantee the safe and efficient use of products in our daily lives as consumers while at the same time create an equal level playing field for producers. Whether we talk about mobile phones, cars, buildings or algae. All levels of society benefit from it, knowingly or unknowingly of its existence. This is also why the European Commission requested the creation of European standards for algae. Join this webinar if you are interested to learn more about standards and how they can benefit the algae sector.

What can standards do for the algae sector? In this webinar, you gain knowledge on:
– which standards for algae are out there or in the making;
– how the European standardization process works;
– how you can get involved and propose new ideas for standards;

In this webinar presentations will be given by experts working in the field of algae and actively contributing to the creation of standards. 


Chair: Timo de Groot Msc, Standardization Consultant at Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN)

14.00 – 17.30 hrs CET

14.00 Opening and Webinar welcome and EABA presentation (5 min) – Jean-Paul Cadoret, EABA

14.05 Aim and framework of this technical webinar by the chair (5 min) Timo de Groot, Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), NL 

14.10 Introduction to CEN and European standards development  (15 min) – Christina Thorngreen, CEN CENELEC, B

14.30 Overview of CEN/TC 454 ‘Algae and algae products’, terminology and taxonomy standards (15 min) – Bert van Asselt, RVO, NL

14.45 Algae for the food/feed sector; technical report on the sectors and a new test method for inorganic arsenic (10 min) – Marjolein van der Spiegel, Schuttelaar & Partners, NL

15.00 Algae for the energy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector; technical report on the sectors (10 min) – Silvio Mangini, Archimede Ricerche, I

15.15 Standardized methodology for renewable algae production for the energy sector (10 min) – Silvio Mangini, Archimede Ricerche, I

15.30 Algae sampling strategy (10 min) – Eduardo Morgado, Proalga, P

15.45  Coffee / tea break (15 min)

16.00 Standardized calculations of algae production sites (10 min) –Michael Kröger, DBFZ -Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum, D

16.15 Algae test methods part 1; amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides (10 min) – Michael Kröger, DBFZ -Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum, D

16.30 Algae test methods part 2; sample treatment; lipids; chlorophyll (15 min) – Siebren van Tuinen, Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR), NL

16.50 Algae test methods part 3; fatty acids; phycobilin proteins; carotenoids (10 min) – Siebren van Tuinen, Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR), NL

17.05 How can you get involved in standardization? (10 min) – Christina Thorngreen, CEN CENELEC, B

17.20 Closure (Timo de Groot and Jean Paul Cadoret) (5 min)

17.30 End of webinar

co-organized with CEN / Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN) – Timo de Groot

€ 195 regular
€ 150 for EABA members

The fees will be increased 50% ten days prior to the webinar.

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