This is a free event that will take place in a virtual format, ensuring widespread accessibility for all our valued members.
The EABA Members’ Day is a great occasion dedicated exclusively to our esteemed EABA members. It is an exceptional opportunity to engage in invaluable networking activities, share the latest advancements, and exchange insights that will shape the future of the algae sector. 

We understand the importance of fostering an interactive environment, and EABA Members’ Day aims to do just that. By participating, you will not only gain insights into the latest EABA achievements but also play a pivotal role in steering the course of our algae-based future. Your presence and active participation are essential to making this event a success. Together, we can elevate the EABA Members’ Day to new heights and collectively contribute to the advancement of the algae world.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the EABA community. We look forward to your enthusiastic presence at the EABA Members’ Day.

This free webinars is for EABA members only. Make sure to register online!


ChairCarlos Unamunzaga, President EABA

Duration: 3,5 hours

On October 3rd, 15:00h CEST, the online (virtual) Member’s Day will take place for EABA members only.

Please see our draft agenda here:

15.00 About EABA – Current status and future directions

  • Carlos Unamunzaga, EABA  President
  • Sammy Boussiba – Brief note about the Scientific Committee
  • Gabriel Acien – Brief note about the Industrial Committee
  • Polls about the ranking of future priorities for EABA

15.30 One minute pitch presentations from EABA Members

17.00 Break

17.15 About AlgaEurope 2023 – Brief preview – What is new this year?

  • Jean-Paul Cadoret, EABA vice-president
  • Polls about possible Working Groups for AlgaEurope: We are going to chose 10 topics and 4 will be Working Groups in AlgaEurope

17.45 About 2024 Webinars – the future evolution

  • Vítor Verdelho, EABA managing director
  • Polls about the ranking of interesting topics for EABA Members and cost sensitivity

18.00 What are our problems?

  • All members will have interaction
  • We want to listen to our members and better understand where we need to work on in EABA

18.30 Conclusions and closure

  • Carlos Unamunzaga, EABA President


Carlos Unamunzaga, President EABA

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