Do you want to change the world? And make your business vision a reality?

Start-ups dream of giving the world and the society something it needs but has not been created yet.

They have also another appeal: eye-popping valuations with an astronomical return on investment. Are you in this profile? But to succeed, many crucial questions must be answered:

  • Is the team obsessively passionate about the idea?
  • Do the founders have domain experience?
  • Are they willing to take the time?
  • Why this idea and why now?
  • How big is the market?

In this webinar, we will exchange information with experienced people who have been successful in developing innovative ideas. Participate and share your experience with us too!



Chair: Lisa Meinerz, EABA Assistant Manager and Independent consultant – Aquaculture

Time:  14.00 – 17.30 hrs CET

14.00 Opening and Webinar welcome and EABA presentation (5 min) – Jean-Paul Cadoret

14.05 Aim and framework of this technical webinar by Lisandra Meinerz (5 min)

14.10 Turn Photosynthesis Industrial
              Jean-Louis Roux Dit Buisson, NeoCarbons SA.

14.25 Commercial Diatoms Production for Aquaculture Feeds
             John Bennemann, TomAlgae C.V.B.A.

14.40 PLANCTONID, the YARA case-study to fight eutrophication with microalgae
             Jean-Michel Pommet, Planctonid SAS

14.55 CarbonWorks – A technology platform to significantly enhance CO2 capture and utilization 

             Guillaume Charpy, CarbonWorks SAS

15.10 Securing CO2 Neutrality
             Henrik Busch-Larsen, Algiecel ApS

15.25 Break

15.40 Developing Microalgae’s supply chain as healthy-sustainable-and cost-effective
Antonio Idà, Algaria Srl.

15.55 Ounje. A novel blood substitute from microalgae
             Amikam Bar-Gil, Yemoja Ltd.

16.10 BioSyntex: Company presentation
             Giovanni Gnudi, BioSyntex S.r.l.  

16.25 Remediiate: Clean the Planet| Feed the world: Addressing the scale up challenge
             Carlos de Pommes, Remediiate Ltd.

16.40 North Sea Farmers: investment opportunities in the European Seaweed sector
              Bas de Leeuw, North Sea Farmers

16.55 Conclusions and debate

17.10 Closure Jean-Paul Cadoret / Lisandra Meinerz

Lisa Meinerz (EABA Assistant Manager and Independent consultant – Aquaculture)

€ 195 regular
€ 150 for EABA members

The fees will be increased 50% ten days prior to the webinar (starting February 25, 2022).

No VAT is charged. Payment per credit card or Ideal. Invoice provided.

When you need an invoice to make a bank transfer, fill out all details in the registration form and send a mail to info@algaeworkshops.org. The invoice can be prepared by the organisers. Please note: all payments have to be made before the start of the webinar.

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