Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has been used for more than 20 years to assess the environmental impacts of algae systems. The growing number of LCA publications and the systematic integration of LCA in European projects demonstrate the importance of achieving economic, environmental, and social sustainability in the algae sector. Since the consumption of energy and nutrients have been widely identified as the main contributors to the environmental impacts of algae systems, numerous mitigation strategies have been tested to reduce these impacts. However, the lack of transparency in LCA studies as well as methodological challenges make LCA results difficult to interpret and compare.

This webinar offers a unique opportunity to learn more about LCA methodologies and results interpretation. Academic and industrial experts will share their experiences with LCA, focusing on both micro- and macroalgae, and demonstrate why this tool is (and will be) a key aspect in developing novel algal products in the future. 


Chair:  Monique Ras, EABA

Time:  14.00 – 17.30 hrs CET

14.00 Welcome by EABA

14.15 Who is who – round to give an introduction for all except for the speakers (1 minute each)

15.00 Léa Braud, PhD Researcher, BiOrbic, Bioeconomy SFI Research Centre, University College Dublin: “LCA of algae systems: Towards improved transparency and reproducibility”

15.20 Jean-Baptiste Thomas (researcher at KTH):  “Kelp LCAs: using a systems perspective to ground the seaweed hype”.

15.40 Tom Bradley (consultant at Decerna): “Understanding the environmental and social impacts of algal supply chains: Insights from recent EU projects”.

16.00 Minibreak

16.10 Ana Morão (scientist at Corbion): “The importance of LCA to support the development of sustainable microalgae-based products: A company’s perspective”.

16.30 Paula Pérez-López (researcher at Mines Paris – PSL): “Towards more representative LCAs of microalgae processes: How to deal with uncertainties and process dynamics?”

16.50 Q&A and debate

17.30 end of the webinar

Content Partner:

Léa Braud, BiOrbic, Bioeconomy SFI Research Centre, University College Dublin, Ireland


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