Phycocyanin is a bright blue protein produced by both cyanobacteria and some species of eukaryotic algae to increase photosynthetic efficiency. Its bright blue colour has led to the use of Spirulina extracts as food colourants, its fluorescent properties have uses in medical imaging and, thanks to its strong antioxidant activity, there is much interest in uses in the field of human and animal health. This 60-minute webinar brings together producers and users to give a glimpse into how Phycocyanin production is evolving, how it is currently being used, and what future prospects we should be looking forward to.


Time:  14.00 – 15.00 hrs CET

NB The topics of the presentations are not final.

14.00 Opening and welcome by EABA and Marie Jane Fallourd, head of the functional proteins unit at Fermentalg

14.02 5 speakers of 10 minutes, various presentations:

  • Using Phycocyanin for medical diagnoses – Thibaut Michel, Greensea
  • Health benefits of Phycocyanin – Olivier Lepine, Algosource
  • Galdieria sulphuraria as a production platform for phycocyanin – Olivier Cagnac, FermentAlg
  • How Phycocyanin is used as a colourant in the real world – Bryan Aviles, DDW The Color House
  • Regulatory aspects of phycocyanin use – Danika Martyn, Intertek

14.52 Debate and conclusions

15.00 End of the 60-minutes webinar

Sponsored by Fermentalg

Sponsored by Marine Drugs

Hywel Griffiths
(Chief Scientist)

This webinar is sponsored by Marine Drugs.

Marine Drugs is the leading, peer-reviewed, open access journal on the research, development, and production of biologically and therapeutically active compounds from the sea.

Marine Drugs is a Q1 journal in JCR (Web of Sciences) Categories “Chemistry, Medicinal” and “Pharmacology & Pharmacy” with a latest Impact Factor of 6.085, and also a Q1 journal in Scopus and Scimgao with a newest CiteScore of 8.1. With a nearly 20-year publication history, Marine Drugs provides the authors with thorough also efficient peer-review and publication services. As a fully Open Access journal, all publications are visible to global readers immediately upon publication, and the copyright of the papers belongs to the authors.

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  • Biomaterials of Marine Origin 
  • Marine Biotechnology Related to Drug Discovery or Production 
  • Marine Chemoecology for Drug Discovery
  • Marine-Derived Ingredients for Drugs, Cosmeceuticals, and Nutraceuticals 
  • Marine Pharmacology 
  • Marine Toxins 
  • Structural Studies on Marine Natural Products 
  • Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry of Marine Natural Products 

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