18 October – Products unique to algae: new frontiers: Webinar

                                          Algae are  photosynthetic micro-organisms  with a diverse morphology and a wide range of applications due to their ability to produced versatile metabolites.  A few algal species, for example Spirulina, Chlorella , Haematococcus or Dunaliella produce a wide range of  secondary metabolites for the development of  healthier food products. These compounds such as alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, terpenoids and phenazines are being used in various sectors such as food, feed aquaculture, biomedicine, veterinary medicine, cosmetic industries and healthcare. In addition to these molecules algae also contain proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, polysaccharides and phycobiliproteins.  Generally unbalanced growth conditions such as light regime and nutrient deprivations are the main environmental conditions affecting the content of these compounds.  However some of these ingredients occur and are produced also by other  organisms; plants, fungi, microbes. Thus we intend in this webinar to discuss mainly molecules or cell constituents which typically are found mainly in algae, such as phycobiliproteins (phycocyanin; phycoerythrin) specific polysaccharides (sulfated ones) and some antiviral compounds (i.e.Griffithsin) or antibiotic one (i.e. chlorellin).   We do hope that the know-how discussed and presented in this webinar will increase the demand for these special molecules derived from algae and will further boost their integration into our daily life consumption.


Chair: Sammy Boussiba

14.00 – 17.45 hrs CET

14.00 Welcome and EABA Presentation, Why this technical webinar? Jean-Paul Cadoret – EABA President

14.10  Why algae? What is unique about algae? Discussion about opportunities. Sammy Boussiba

14.45  Who are you? Presentations 1 minute each. all participants.  The objective is that all the participants know who are the others and what they do, so that they understand their questions.


Phycoerytrin purification and in vivo functionalities, Carlos UnamunzagaFitoplancton Marino, Spain

Fucoxanthin, Pierre AlbinaMicrophyt, France

16.00 BREAK


Fucoidan, Ahmed Zayed, University of Kaiserslautern, Egypt

Agar-Agar and Carragenan, Jacques Mazoyer, Principal Scientist. Cargill, France

Laminarin, Gaurav Rajauria, University College Dublin, Ireland


What else beyond beta-carotene can we expect from Dunaliela? Uri Pick, Prof. of Biochemistry, Israel

ARA from algae for baby milk supplementation, Inna Khozin-Goldberg, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel


17.45 Closure and end of the webinar

Sponsor: Marine Drugs

Chair: Sammy Boussiba, Vice President EABA

This webinar is sponsored by Marine Drugs.

Marine Drugs is the leading, peer-reviewed, open access journal on the research, development, and production of biologically and therapeutically active compounds from the sea.

Marine Drugs is a Q1 journal in JCR (Web of Sciences) Categories “Chemistry, Medicinal” and “Pharmacology & Pharmacy” with a latest Impact Factor of 6.085, and also a Q1 journal in Scopus and Scimgao with a newest CiteScore of 8.1. With a nearly 20-year publication history, Marine Drugs provides the authors with thorough also efficient peer-review and publication services. As a fully Open Access journal, all publications are visible to global readers immediately upon publication, and the copyright of the papers belongs to the authors.

Eight Sections of Marine Drugs are open for submissions:

  • Biomaterials of Marine Origin 
  • Marine Biotechnology Related to Drug Discovery or Production 
  • Marine Chemoecology for Drug Discovery
  • Marine-Derived Ingredients for Drugs, Cosmeceuticals, and Nutraceuticals 
  • Marine Pharmacology 
  • Marine Toxins 
  • Structural Studies on Marine Natural Products 
  • Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry of Marine Natural Products 

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