Not only does beta-carotene make your skin look great, it also and above-all provides a lot of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical properties 🥗💊! Besides, as a precursor of Vitamin A, the beta-carotene is already used in the manufacture of food supplements.

This well-known carotenoid is commonly found in our daily vegetables (carrot 🥕, pepper 🌶, tomato 🍅, etc). Nonetheless, we can also find it in high percentage in some microalgae species 😀. 
For example: the microalga Dunaliella salina can produce beta-carotene up to 10% of its dry weight!

➡️ Join us on June 28 (morning) to discuss about this bioactive molecule #madebyalgae (production, extraction, uses, current challenges) 🤗


Chair: Luís Costa, A4F

Time:  9.50 – 11.00 hrs CET

9.50: Welcome by EABA, Lisandra Meinerz

10.00  Luís Costa, exc. board member at 4F-Algae for Future, Portugal
– Beta-carotene from microalgae and its champion: Dunaliella

10.10 Dr. Fotoon Sayegh, CSO at Advanced Bea’aTech, Saudi Arabia
– Extraction of β-Carotene from locally Dunaliella salina using bacterial lipase enzyme

10.20 Fengzheng Gao, Researcher, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
– Dunaliella production in China

10.30 Alexei Solovchenko, Professor, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
– Potential of mesophilic carotenogenic microalgae for beta-carotene production

10.40 Tiago Guerra, General Manager, Algikey, Portugal
– Markets and applications for beta-carotene from algae

10.50 Q&A and rounding up

11.00 End of the webinar


Luís Costa,
Executive Board Member for Operations & Business Development at A4F-Algae for Future

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€ 75,- for EABA members

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