Nostoc is a very resistant macroscopic filamentous cyanobacteria, commonly found in terrestrial and aquatic habitats and able to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Nostoc colonies form lawns, nodules and even spheres, and can surprisingly retain viability as they are subjected to regular cycles of desiccation and hydration in their natural environment!

Why do we study it? ⬇️

Nostoc provides a wide range of remarkably protective physiological and pharmacological activities (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, immune regulation…). It is hence an extremely valuable source of natural drugs for developing medicines and functional foods!



Chair: Vitor Vasconcelos, University of Porto, Portugal

Time:  14.50 – 16.00 hrs CET

14.50 Welcome by EABA, Lisandra Meinerz

15.00 Nostoc: potential, benefits and risks
Vítor Vasconcelos, CIIMAR, FCUP, Portugal 

15.10 Nostoc production and products in China
Fengzheng Gao, ETH Zürich, Switzerland 

15.20  Nostoc cyanobacteria as nutritional and pigments sources with biotechnological potential
Alexandra Galetovic, da Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile 

15.40 Nostoc as food in Europe – from Paracelsus to space missions
Jörg Ullman,  Algenfarm Klötze GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

15.50 Debate and Q&A

16.00 End of the webinar



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