The variety of cosmetic formulations using bio compounds or algae extracts is increasing since they also provide the desired safe materials from environmental resources. Although the cosmetic effects of some of these compounds were described in recent publications, the majority of biomolecules in algae species have not yet been studied and, therefore, are not used for cosmetic purposed. Besides that, most algae effects in cosmetics are described in patents without considerable explanation about the type of bio compounds or the mechanisms responsible for each cosmetic performance. Thus, this review aimed at a better understanding of the recent uses of algae in cosmetic formulations with potential applications for new research.

Concept programme (dd May 28)

Time: 13.00 – 19.00 h (CET)

13.00 Opening

  • Webinar welcome and EABA presentation (5 min) – Jean-Paul Cadoret
  • Aim and framework of this technical webinar by the chair – Carlos Unamunzaga, Fitoplancton Marino

13.15 Pitch presentations from each participant in a row (1 minute for each participant)

14.15 Overview about the use of algae biomass in cosmetic products, Carlos Unamunzaga, Fitoplancton Marino

15.00 The science perspective – 15 min + 5 min Q&A presentations

  • Cosmetic attributes of algae, Ana Morocho-Jácome, Laboratory of Cosmetology, Department of Pharmacy, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of University of São Paulo
  • Algal biomass from IMTA and natural environment: cosmeceutical applications, Felix Lopez Figueroa, University of Malaga. Department of Ecology and Geology (Sea Slow cosmetics)
  • Trends in the use of marine ingredients in antiaging cosmetics, Isabel Martins de Almeida and Maria Emília Sousa, University of Porto, Faculty of Pharmacy

16.00 Break

16.30 The business perspective – 10 min + 5 min Q&A presentations

  • Bluevert microalgae based cosmetics, Vanessa Gonçalves, Buggypower
  • Skin-Deep Beauty with Microalgae Bioactive Ingredient, Amikam Bar-Gil, Yemoja
  • DERSIA and ALSKIN, different perspectives of microalgae natural cosmetics, María Álvarez, NEOALGAE 

17.15 The regulatory and IP perspective

  • EU regulatory framework for marine raw materials APIVITA, Konstantinos Gardikis
  • IP in Algae Cosmetics, Uma Parameswaran, SciTech Patent Art Services

18.15 Conclusions and debate – Carlos Unamunzaga

18.45 Closure Jean-Paul Cadoret

19.00 End of the webinar

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