The participants will have a vision about what is algae biorefinery and what is the current status with input about the present key players and emerging projects. In recent years, ever-increasing socio-economic awareness, and negative impact of excessive petro consumption have redirected the research interests towards bio-resources such as algal-based biomass. In order to meet current bio-economy challenges to produce high-value multiple products at a time, new integrated processes in research and development are necessary. Though various strategies have been posited for conversion of algal-based biomass to fuel and fine chemicals, none of them has been proved as economically viable and energetically feasible. Therefore, a range of other bio-products needs to be pursued. In this context, the algal bio-refinery concept has appeared with notable solution to recover multiple products from a single operation process.

Concept programme

Time: 13.00 – 19.00 h (CET)

Confirmed speakers:

  • Thibaut Michel, Greensea, France
  • Vincent Usache, Microphyt, France
  • Herminia Dominguez, University of Vigo, Spain
  • Franck Hennequart, Algaia, France
  • Laura Garcia Alba, Air Liquide Iberia, Spain
  • Michel H.M. Eppink, WUR, Netherlands
  • Carolina A. M. Ferreira, Politécnico de Leiria, Portugal
  • Gabriela S. Matos, The Centre of Biological Engineering, Portugal
  • Mariana Doria – MULTISTR3AM – A4F, Portugal
  • Mikael Westerlund – Origin by Ocean, Finland


Concept programme:

13.00 Opening and Webinar welcome and EABA presentation (5 min) – Jean-Paul Cadoret
Aim and framework of this technical webinar by the Chair (5 min) – Franck Hennequart (Algaia)

13.10 Pitch presentations from each participant in a row (1 minute for each participant)

14.30 Global review about Algae biorefineries (30 min) – Franck Hennequart (Algaia)

15.15 The science & technology– 10 min + 5 Q&A

15.15 Hydrothermal Treatment (HTT) of Microalgae: Evaluation of the Process As Conversion Method in an Algae Biorefinery Concept – Wim Brilman (TU Twente)

15.30 Multiproduct microalgae biorefineries mediated by Ionic Liquids – Michel H.M. Eppink (WUR)

15.45 A Biorefinery Approach to the Biomass of the Seaweed Undaria pinnatifida (Harvey Suringar, 1873): Obtaining Phlorotannins-Enriched Extracts for Wound Healing Carolina A.M. Ferreira (Politécnico de Leiria)

16.00 Advances in Extraction Methods to Recover Added-Value Compounds from Seaweeds: Sustainability and Functionality – Gabriela S. Matos (Centre of Biological Engineering)

16.15 “Integral valorization of Sargassum muticum in biorefineries” – Herminia Domínguez (University of Vigo)

16.30 Break

Industrial case studies – 10 min + 5 Q&A

17.00 SCALE Biorefinery – Microphyt –Vincent Usache
17.15 Greensea Biorefinery – Spiralg –Thibaut Michel 
17.30 MULTISTR3AM – A4F – Mariana Doria
17.45 Algaia – Franck Hennequart
18.00 Origin by Ocean – Mikael Westerlund

18.15 Conclusions and debate (30 minutes)

18.45 Closure Jean-Paul Cadoret
19.00 End of the webinar

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Franck Hennequart (Algaia)

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