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The European Algae Biomass Association (EABA) aims to promote a strong link between science, technology and business in the algae biomass sector. Both microalgae and seaweed antivirals will be presented, as well as the ones currently under clinical trials.

It is very relevant to bring together the main stakeholders for knowledge exchange and collaboration and to learn from others.


The workshop has a compact format and will provide a platform to exchange experiences with algae antivirals between users and those interested to learn more about it. All the participants will have the opportunity to present and ask questions following the workshop format. There will be minutes or a summary from the event with the key conclusions for each panel. 



May 29, 2020

09:15 Conference room open (use your private link received after approval)

09:30 Welcome and EABA Presentation: Why this Flash Webinar?
Jean Paul Cadoret – EABA President, Algama Foods, France

09:40 Polysaccharides and Seaweed Secondary Metabolites from seaweeds with antiviral effects: An Overview of Successes in In Vivo Studies and Clinical Trials – Nathalie Bourgougnon
University of Southern Brittany, France

10:30 Review paper: Algae Antivirals (preview) – António Pagarete – Pagarete Algae Solutions, Portugal


11:00 Coffee break, time for a walk and some food and drinks


10 minute talks

11:30 Antivirals from SargassumLiena Ponce ReyHavana University, Cuba

11:45 The antiviral potential of sulfated fucans isolated from brown seaweeds – Hugo Pliego Cortes – University of Southern Brittany, France / Mexico

12:00 Antiviral molecules from microalgaeSammy Boussiba – Ben-Gurion University,  Israel

12:15 Carragenan for viral respiratory infections – bringing an idea to the market – Elisabeth Schön, Marinomed Biotech AG, Austria 

12:30 Debate and conclusions – all participants and Nathalie Bourgougnon, University of Southern Brittany, France

13:00 Webinar closure

* This programme is subject to changes

Please note: times are displayed in Central European Time (CET) UTC+2.

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Nathalie Bourgougnon


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More information

This workshop model was successfully used in 6 EABA Workshops in 2019. It is not a conference, but rather a unique opportunity for learning and sharing knowing the key players.

Workshop Chair:

Nathalie Bourgougnon, University of Southern Brittany – Directrice du Laboratoire de Biotechnologie et Chimie Marines

António Pagarete, Pagarete Microalgae Solutions S.U. 

Workshop coordination:

  • Jean-Paul Cadoret – President of EABA, CSO ALGAMA Foods, France
  • Vítor Verdelho – General Manager of EABA; Council Member of the Executive Committee of ISAP – International Society for Applied Phycology; Member of the Board A4F – Algae for Future, sa, Portugal


Workshop organization and logistics:
Christie de Vrij – Building on Events – christie@buildingonevents.com

Fees (excluding of VAT)
€ 125  Flash webinar fee regular 

€ 90  Fee for EABA members (in good standing) 

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Email us at info@algaeworkshops.org, or fill in the form below.