Clinical trials are a type of research that studies new tests and treatments and evaluates their effects on human health outcomes. In the food supplement market, it is a common strategy to invest in clinical research to support health claims and for marketing purposes. But this is not a simple process and successful result depends on the experimental design, methodology and selection of the clinical end points. Previous In vitro results and initial preclinical data will help choosing the best strategy. 
In the algae sector many active ingredients are supported by proprietary clinical studies.  Learn how to implement the best methodologies and experimental design for a successful clinical trial from leading experts in the algae sector. 
This webinar is a unique opportunity to learn from clinical studies based on case studies in the algae sector. Find out more about the link of clinical trials with health claims.


Chair: Monique Ras, EABA

Time:  13.50 – 15.00 hrs

13.50 Welcome by Lisandra Meinerz, EABA management assistant


14.00 Olivier Lepine (Algosource)
Interest and challenges of the Clinical trials for algae-based products

14.10 Jonathan Maury (Microphyt)
Gamephyt: when microalage based ingredient innovation meet scientific proof

14.20 Pierre Rocheteau (Olgram)
Algae as a potential drug to fight immune deficiencies after traumatic brain injury

14.30 Julian Read (Simris)
New generation cancer therapeutics from cyanobacteria toxins

14.40 Jayesh Chaudhary  (VEDIC LIFESCIENCES)
Turning clinical trials into claims

14.50 Debate and Q&A

15.00 End of webinar

Carlos Unamunzaga, EABA president

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