You are currently doing your PhD/Post Doctoral research or working on a company project with seaweeds and/or microalgae? So you are considered as a “Young Algaeneers”! Congratulations! As Young Algaeneers, you are welcome to attend the 7th edition of the Young Algaeneers Symposium (YAS 2023), held on 23, 24 & 25 May 2023 in Faro, Portugal.

YAS event consists of the global networking and sharing of algae-based research, development, and innovations among the Young Algaeneers. The essence of the symposium lies in the fact that it is organized BY & FOR the Young Algaeneers. It will NOT ONLY be scientific expert presentations, but also include testimonials from business leaders, interactive discussions involving individual participation in the topic of interest with steering groups, social events, etc. The voice raised by Young Algaeneers in the YAS is further communicated to higher organizations such as EABA and European Commission. Thus, let’s come together to better shape the future directions of algae in research and industry”

Following the previous ‘Young Algaeneers Symposia’ (YAS) in Wageningen 2012, Montpellier 2014, Malta 2016, and Oban 2018, and the online editions in 2021 en 2022, YAS 2023 will be organized with the support of the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA).

EABA expresses the importance of connecting with the young algaeneers, and invites you to join and meet them. It is very relevant to bring together the main stakeholders for knowledge exchange and collaboration and to learn from others.

Who is a Young Algaeneer?

A young researcher wishing to take a future role in the Algae Biomass sector, and at the EABA in the longer term. This includes:

  • MSc students
  • PhD students
  • Postdocs
  • Early-phase Principal Investigators (typically first 5 years)
  • Early career researchers in industry/Young entrepreneurs

Ticket fees:
Early Bird ticket for YAS (3 days) € 195 when bookings are made before February 15, 2023
Ticket for YAS (3 days) € 235 when bookings are made starting February 15, 2023
Dinner ticket for Tuesday evening May 23  € 20* 
*this fee still subject to changes, more info will be announced later
* lunches can be baught at the campus

More information:

The symposium organization is developed by Young Algaeneers with the support of EABA and Building on Events.

Draft programme

The symposium will be every day from 9.00 to 17.30 or later for the poster session on the 2nd day and the dinner will be organised the first evening (23rd May).

The last day will end at 12.30 and lunch won’t be included. We have 3 visits arranged: GreencoLab, CCMAR, Necton, and 3 speakers. The first two visits will be combined together for a 2 hours tour in total.


Location: the University of Algarve on the campus of Penha (city centre), FARO,  Portugal


Arianna RIZZO, PhD student (Nantes University (F), Mario Negri Institute (I), University of Bari (I), University of Copenhagen (DK), University of Cambridge (UK), Start-up in Hoekmine (NL)

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